The Foundation
Thank you for considering me! Please book via online unless you've reached out to me before.
There is only one package for my service. It includes the following: 
              - 1 hours 
              - 30 edited images
              - Fashion/Style Consultant (if required, optional)
Once booked online, you will receive an auto-response and a reply via preferred communication within 24 hours. During this time, time and location details will be discussed, and a binding contract will be sent. Please sign and resend contract before specific date of photographing.
A week in advance, communication about fashion/styling will be discussed. If there is a need to purchase new items, I will assist in the purchasing if needed (no I will not buy your clothes you fork the money yourself). If not, then we will work with what we already have in your own closet! The clothing assistance I help with are the selection of jackets, shirts, pants, and shoes. In addition, I will also scout the area of the location to see the best suited wall or space that can be used for photoshoot day.

Also, if you own any pets please bring them along or let me know ahead of time, so we can also do some pet photography! Why not show your love for your pet? Even if you have a pet fish, we'll make it work. :D
There will be no charge for rescheduling this service if provided at least 48 hours in advance. Within the 48 hour window, you will be charged a $5 fee charge. If I arrive at the property to find the shoot is cancelled I will hunt you down for making me drive all the way down there and you stood me up. I'll most likely flag you and will not take any future photos for you (sorry sucks to suck).

If a new date conflicts with date already booked, I apologized for the inconvenience but must honor bookings on a first come, first serve basis. If unable to book your new date I will provide a full refund.

If the weather sucks, photoshoots can still continue or be rescheduled to another available appointment. Dependent on the client.
Be yourself and be confident. I will do my best in making sure you are well taken care of during the photoshoot. Love thyself and work with what you got is what I like to say!
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