Alysia Lim


A•ly•sia | L•im noun \uh-lee-sha\ l-im\
In the 2000s, my father owned a 1 Hour Photo Shop and taught me about photography. He would go in and out of the darkroom, he would show me how to print photos, how to correct color, and how to save batteries from disposable cameras. Our family would have an overstock of batteries because customers would throw them away and my father would take the batteries out to use them. Ever since I was a child, I was in love with photography and cameras.
Almost every year I would purchase a new camera. I always purchased the smallest camera because I loved the mobility; however, I started to notice the lack and limitations of small cameras. I realized that my photos aren't as beautiful as they should be because of the lack of a fast shutter speed or a wide angle lens. I purchased my first DSLR in 2014 and loved the versatility it had to offer, but I realized that carrying this lump of rock was too strenuous on my shoulders, my back, etc. I found out about mirrorless cameras, which are the smaller versions of a DSLR, but performs like a DSLR. I now own two cameras I carry with me at all times, they are: Samsung NX Mini with 9mm, 17mm, and a 9mm-27mm lens; Sony Alpha 7r2 with a Nikon 50mm:1.4f lens, and a Nikon 28mm:2.8f lens.
Just recently, I started to focus more on portraits and decided to take a class on photography so I can learn to develop my own film. My friend, TachoHeroi, introduced me to 35mm Film Cameras and I must say... I had forgotten how nostalgic it was to use one! Taking my photography class made me realize there is a lot of effort placed in each photo frame, and it made me appreciate photography so much more. My professor at Mt. Sac Antonio College, demonstrated that 35mm is very pleasing when you get the results on point. 
Please take your time and check out my work. Everything on my website is a work in progress and I still have tons of work to display. 
Thank you for taking the time to briefly read about me!
NoteTacoHeroi has been taking most of my modeling photos, so you'll see a lot of his work in my website. Please visit him when you get a chance cause his work is phenomenal.
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